80’s New Wave, Trad Goths, Punks and other sub-culture’s

The 80’s is now known as “The decade that made us”

Now, as a 48 year old fart, I often think back to the 80’s, my teenage years as a New Waver / Trad Goth  in and around Breda and Heerlen in The Netherlands [ Holland ]

I am so glad I spent my teenage years in the 80’s,…  Cold War? – Nuclear threats? – I did not have a clue, or maybe I just didn’t realize or care what the consequences could have been.. All I cared about was the music, the fashion, the girls and most of all making sure my hair wasn’t flat!!

Most photo’s on this site are my own, and of people I used to know and hang out with, however due to my age, there are I’m afraid a few people that I have forgotten their names, I do apologize for this.

There are also a LOT of people I used to know and hang out with, that I do not have any photo’s of at all, I’m really hoping that anyone visiting this site will share their fond memories and photos of the 8o’s sub-cultures in Breda, Heerlen and the rest of Holland – Keep it alive for the generations to come.

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