80’s Trad Goths and Punks from around the world

Last time I counted, there were +20 different types of Goths,.. Cyber Goth, Victorian Goth, Medieval Goth, EMO Goth, Steampunk Goth.. etc..etc..
Not to same extend, but even the Punks have branched off into every direction.. Skateboard Punk, Metal Punk, Garage Punk, even Gypsy Punk!?.. etc.. etc..
All these types of Goths and Punks are great, they all look stunning and beautiful, and it’s great they are identifying themselves that way..


None of these Goth & Punk types would exist if it wasn’t for the true Punks and Trad Goths that were truly unique, a sub-culture that was unique and never before seen. Society was not prepared for the Punks and Trad Goths, and did not have a clue what was going on.
Yes at the time it was a statement, it was a lifestyle and it was not always an easy choice, for many people it was just impossible to go through life as a Punk or Trad Goth, no matter how much they wanted to..

The people that did brave society, and despite all the stick they were given, still embraced the lifestyle they wanted to follow, being true to themselves, and without any doubt made the 80’s the best, and most colorful decade ever!!..

This gallery is of the REAL Punks and Trad Goths from around the world, that made it possible to now have +30 different categories of Goth and Punk..

If you are younger than 40, and missed the 80’s, you should thank, and even tip your hat to the below REAL Punks and Trad Goths.

Real 80s Trad Goths and Punks from around the world