80’s New Wave / Trad Goths – The Netherlands in the 80’s


The Original Goth. Whether they were actually around in the 80s or not, the Trad Goth most values the traditional scene from its earliest days, when it began to evolve from Punk.
Trad Goths venerate those original Goth bands – Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy and anything played in the infamous Batcave club.
Fashion is, naturally, based on the look from the period, which itself was heavily influenced by Punk – fishnets, leather jackets, piercings – in addition to heavy make-up, HUGE hair and the occasional bit of bondage gear. And, of course, lots of black.
Sadly, Trad Goths often believe that Goth is, appropriately, dead, and the modern scene offers little consolation. New “goth” music genres such as EBM are perhaps their biggest pet peeve.

Original and rare photos from the 80’s New Wave / Trad Goth scene. Back in the 80’s there were no mobile phones to take 1000’s of pics and or selfies at any given moment, back then you had to first by a film roll, carry a camera the weight of a brick, take 20 photos if lucky, and then take them somewhere to be developed, which most times took more than a week. You were too scared to show them to anyone in case they wanted copies, that was expensive and time consuming. The photos if lucky ended up in what is known as a “Photo Album” – problem is, they faded within a few years.. It’s for these reasons that New Wave photo’s from the 80’s are pretty, if not very rare.

If you have any photo’s to share, please send them to me with the details, I’m sure there are plenty of others interested, don’t let them disappear for ever.

Dutch 80’s New Wave / Trad Goth Gallery

Photos have been digitalized from original photo’s sorry for the poor quality