Release the +2000 New Bats

This page is dedicated to the “Young Bats” [ from 2000 to now ] keeping the 80’s Trad Goth and Punk look alive.. The Trad Goth was from 1982 through 1992 and the “Real” Punk was from 1977 to 1990.

The Goth and Punk sub-culture was still alive and kicking through the 90’s, but the look, feel and more importantly the attitude changed..  Trad Goth and [Real] Punk became a thing of the past, and the many Goth and Punk variants branched off and moved forward.

Trad Goth and  [Real ] Punk will never be forgotten, and thanks to the likes of the people below it will always be a reminder of how a sub-culture can move forward and blossom, but always appreciates it’s roots..

These are people / profiles that I come across while researching the 80’s Trad Goths and Punks.. They make me smile and often take me on a journey back to the smokey, dark clubs that we called Home back in the 80’s. This is my way of thanking them for keeping the 80’s Trad Goth or Punk alive …


deutscherboys definitely rocks the Trad Goth look.. Definitely doing the 80’s  a lot of justice

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starryeyedghostgirl is a fusion of 80’s Trad Goth with a 30’s Flapper look.. very popular look in the 80’s..

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postpunkdracula def. rocks the looks from the 80’s.. This photo really does scream 80’s Trad Goth.

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I actually knew a couple of girls that looked like gothic_elton_john, both hair and make-up, def. a true 80’s look and feel

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