Release the +2000 New Bats

This page is dedicated to the “Young Bats” [ from 2000 to now ] keeping the 80’s Trad Goth and Punk look alive.. The Trad Goth was from 1982 through 1992 and the “Real” Punk was from 1977 to 1990.

The Goth and Punk sub-culture was still alive and kicking through the 90’s, but the look, feel and more importantly the attitude changed..  Trad Goth and [Real] Punk became a thing of the past, and the many Goth and Punk variants branched off and moved forward.

Trad Goth and  [Real ] Punk will never be forgotten, and thanks to the likes of the people below it will always be a reminder of how a sub-culture can move forward and blossom, but always appreciates it’s roots..

These are people / profiles that I come across while researching the 80’s Trad Goths and Punks.. They make me smile and often take me on a journey back to the smokey, dark clubs that we called Home back in the 80’s. This is my way of thanking them for keeping the 80’s Trad Goth and / or Punk scene alive …


Cemetery.bats really looks like they just stepped out of the mid 80’s.. The Trad Goth look doesn’t get better than this.. Hair, make-up and attire, down to a tee.
Back in the 80’s I had a friend that looked a lot like Cemetery.bats, she was a huge fan of “Death in June”, and got me to love the band as well, so good memories!! [ song The Calling ]
Cemetery.bats really does the Trad Goth scene justice, and the 80’s can’t thank them enough for keeping it alive

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Intergoth – [ H A Y C H ]

The first time I saw a photo of Intergoth, it immediately took me on a trip down memory lane, not just to the 80’s, but to a certain weekend in 1986. Intergoth really does the 80’s Trad Goth scene a lot of justice.. I wish I could take Intergoth back to just one Friday night at an 80’s dark club, just to show her how she is keeping the Trad Goth scene alive +35 later.. I tip my hat to Intergoth with a smile..

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Do I actually need to say anything about Daniela aka coffin.goblin?.. she oozes the 80’s Trad Goth look.. When I look at coffin.goblin’s pics I straight away hear “Push” by The Invincible Spirit, and / or “Performance” by Tones on Tail… Why?.. ‘cos just like coffin.goblin these 2 songs take me straight back to the 80’s dark clubs, the smell of ciggy smoke, Wella hairspray and Brut aftershave.. It doesn’t get more 80’s than this!

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Kamila – gzsfgxh

Kamila really takes me back to the 80’s.. she reminds me of numerous people I knew back in the 80’s..
Hair, make-up and clothes are soooo Trad Goth.. Kamila is definitely keeping the 80’s Trad Goth scene alive..

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Gotta luv sspinmeround’s 80’s look.. She would have really felt at home in the dark clubs. I used to spend a lot of time in the clubs where sspinmeround lives, just so wish I could take her back in time to the clubs, just to show her what she is keeping alive +30 years later.. sspinmeround  is definitely keeping the 80’s Trad Goth look and feel alive.. Myself and the original Trad Goth scene, tip my / their hat to her..
“Soms moet je anders zijn, om jezelf te kunnen blijven” 😉 

Send sspinmeround some love at Instagram really does look like she was actually part of the 80’s Trad Goth scene.. It’s the high quality photo’s that give away that she is keeping the 80’s Trad Goth scene alive, rather than actually being from the 80’s.. The 80’s would have been an even better decade with the likes of … Amazing!

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deutscherboys definitely rocks the Trad Goth look.. This photo puts a smile on my chops, ‘cos I actually see a lot of myself in this photo, it’s how I sported my hair in the 80’s..  deutscherboys is definitely doing the 80’s  a lot of justice.. The 80’s dark clubs surely missed his presence..

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starryeyedghostgirl is a fusion of 80’s Trad Goth with a 30’s Flapper look.. very popular look in the 80’s..

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postpunkdracula def. rocks the looks from the 80’s.. This photo really does scream 80’s Trad Goth.

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