Punks and Goths with Rats

Punks, Goths and rats have been an item since the start of the Punk generation since the mid 70’s

Suburbia Full Movie 1983

Punks not Dead

Thank you Mum..

New Wave Reunion at the Inpoet in Heerlen Nov 16


Back in the 80’s EVERY New Waver throughout Holland knew of the Inpoet in Heerlen.. Not everyone was lucky enough to have visited the Inpoet, but every New Waver knew about it.

For years myself with a handful of Wavers from the Breda area would, on a regular basis make our way to the Inpoet, some of my finest memories were shaped in Heerlen.

On Nov. 16th the Inpoet will be organizing it’s 6th New Wave Reunion.

I myself will not be in Europe, ‘cos if I was I would have definitely made sure I got a ticket. I would have LOVED to meet up with the people and friends again that made the Inpoet without any doubt the BEST New Wave Venue in Holland during the 80’s

For more info mosey along to http://www.nieuwenor.nl/event/inpoet-6