My way of thanking and supporting the REAL 80’s Trad Goths, Punks and Skinheads.. 

First of all, I’m sorry it took the word “Naked” to get you here, but hey, you are here so all is well..

This page is for me to show my appreciation to the Punks, Goths and Skins that are keeping the 80’s alive one way or another..

Every now and then I come across someone that gets my attention, either they themselves, or the products they are making and selling.. but mostly both.. Great people that love the roots they followed, and are keeping what they love and believe alive.

I personally don’t know anyone I posted below YET!… I say Yet, ‘cos I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to thank them in person.. but until that day arrives, I will thank them by supporting them..

Please check out the below links.. they ALL have wonderful and amazing things to offer.